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Galveston County Republican Party Featured News and Events

All Candidates and Voting Locations

Voting Locations 2022
Voting Locations 2022

GOP Candidates 2022
GOP Candidates 2022

“The Galveston County Republican Party Proudly
Endorses the following Candidates:

        • Mayor League City – Nick Long
        • Position 1 League City Council – Andy Mann
        • Position 2 League City Council – Tommy Cones

      • Position 3 League City Council – Tom Crews
      • Position 7 League City Council – Sean Saunders”

Chairman Message

Dear Fellow Patriots,
Election Day is upon us!!!  The time has arrived to get out and support EVERY Republican on the ballot.  We are no longer working simply to preserve freedom for future generations, we are now faced with restoring the principles and long-standing traditions on which our Republic was founded.  We must stop the Democrat Party, and their Socialist and Marxist allies in the radical remaking of America!  We must all join together and go to work.

This country is suffering from high inflation, high gas prices, high food prices and supply chain issues.  Parents are being labeled domestic terrorists by our own government while criminals, terrorists and illicit drugs are allowed to flood in through our wide-open southern border.  If you find it appalling that the Democrats, assisted by our news media are allowed to blur the meaning of what’s right versus wrong, to ignore or undermine parental authority in public schools, and to deceive our fellow citizens on so many issues…then we need your help.

Please take a look at the list below to see what you can do to preserve, protect and defend our country as we know it.God Bless you and may God Bless the Great State of Texas and this Nation we all love.

Dr. Patrick McGinnis
Chairman, Galveston County Republican Party

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work at the Republican Party Headquarters greeting visitors and giving them voting information
  • Hand out push cards to voters at a polling location
  • Make phone calls from home using our voters list
  • Block walk in a local neighborhood distributing voter information
We need to fight for every vote until November 8th.  Please reach out to all your friends and neighbors to get them to the polls.  To view a list of polling locations, please click on the link below.

November 2022 | Galveston County, TX (

To receive phone or block walk lists, and pick up signs please contact the North County Headquarters.  To pick up signs on Galveston Island, please visit our South County Headquarters.

  • Galveston County Republican Party North Headquarters
    • 801 West Main, Suite 813, League City, TX
      Phone: 281-554-8888
  • Galveston County Republican Party South Headquarters
    • 1021 61st Street, Suite 125B, Galveston, TX



Call Galveston County Republican Party 281-554-8888


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