Volunteer Needs – Take Action

  • JOIN A LOCAL REPUBLICAN CLUB to get plugged into the GCRP. You will meet many elected officials, candidates, and grassroots volunteers. There are numerous ways to support the clubs and elect Republicans to office. Find a club near you.
  • REGISTER REPUBLICAN VOTERS by becoming a Deputy Voter Registrar. This is ideal if you will be block walking in your precinct or for a candidate’s campaign. Get criteria and training information here.
  • BECOME AN ELECTION WORKER. We are always looking for Republican voters to be election judges, clerks, and poll watchers during early voting and on Election Day. You must be a registered voter in Galveston County and attend a training class. Our Republican Elections Administrator recommends personnel for these positions to the Galveston County Elections Office. Fill out the interest form here
  • WORK ON A CANDIDATE’S CAMPAIGN. Find a candidate that you would like to support, contact their campaign and find out how you can help get them elected. 
  • HELP YOUR PRECINCT CHAIR GET-OUT-THE-VOTE by making phone calls or block walking (door to door) in your neighborhood.  Find your precinct chair here.  Don’t have a Precinct Chair?  We can give you a list of people to contact. Call GCRP Headquarters at 281-554-8888
  • VOLUNTEER AT OUR EVENTS. Volunteer help is usually solicited through the Republican clubs or through our email distribution list. Subscribe to our email list
  • STAFF OUR HEADQUARTERS OFFICE by working one 4 hour shift per week.  Greet Republicans who drop by to visit or who need assistance. Let visitors know about upcoming events, Republican clubs, and other ways to get involved. Training will be provided. Call GCRP Headquarters at 281-554-8888. 
  • BECOME A PRECINCT CHAIR. Build and lead a team in your neighborhood to get-out-the-vote and elect Republicans to office.  Be a member of the county party executive committee. Read about precinct chair duties here. Fill out the online application.