Precinct Chair Information

Precinct Chair Information

Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming a Galveston County Precinct Chair!

The position of a Precinct Chair is important for the continued growth and success of our Party. A Precinct Chair represents the Republican Party to voters in your neighborhood. You are a leader in your community and a voice advocating for our Republican principles.

As a Precinct Chair, you represent the Party and help organize and win elections for Republicans in your precinct. Republican precinct chairs are elected by the Republican primary voters in their precinct or may be appointed by the Galveston County Chairman. An unopposed precinct chair candidate is elected automatically.


Precinct Chairs


Precinct #NameEmail Address
103Jane Moranjanemoran900@yahoo.com
104Don Floyddon.floyd@gmail.com
105Volunteer Needed
105.1Volunteer Needed
142Volunteer Needed
144Volunteer Needed
146Ronald Domel
148Volunteer Needed
150Don Pollockd.r.pollock1944@gmail.com
151Volunteer Needed
152Gabriel AllenGCRP152@gmail.com
159Paula Smithskydiverpaula@comcast.net
165Volunteer Needed
165.1Volunteer Needed
166Alison Putmanaputman@reagan.com
167Melissa MuellerLaus.Deo.mm@gmail.com
168Volunteer Needed
169Volunteer Needed
170Debbie BranchDebbie_branch3@yahoo.com
172Volunteer Needed
192Volunteer Needed
193Volunteer Needed
197Volunteer Needed
218LaWanda Buttnerwbuttner@yahoo.com
219Volunteer Needed
220Volunteer Needed
221Dave Wilsonprecinct221@gmail.com
223Terry CardPelicanway88@att.net
224Destiny Simondestinysnewplace@aol.com
225Volunteer Needed
226Volunteer Needed
227Volunteer Needed
228Volunteer Needed
232Robert BuchananBucharl13@att.net
232.1Volunteer Needed
232.2Alan WatersAl1pride@aol.com
232.3Volunteer Needed
258Ruben EspinosaRe1030@comcast.net
263Norman Pappousnorman_pappous@msn.com
274Volunteer Needed
275Volunteer Needed
276Sandra Tetleysjtetley@comcast.net
277Tony Clementstclements4@gmail.com
278Mary Helen Sloneslone60@verizon.net
279Ron DaileyRonaldDailey29@gmail.com
280Katrina Evenhousetrinaevenhouse@aol.com
281Volunteer Needed
283Carol Deanckdean51@gmail.com
301Volunteer Needed
306Linda Burtonljburton53@hotmail.com
306.1Volunteer Needed
309Volunteer Needed
311Volunteer Needed
312Volunteer Needed
314Anthony Vencakavencak1972@yahoo.com
315Devon McNeilDevonPct315@gmail.com
316Julia Hatcherjhat788699@aol.com
330Volunteer Needed
331Chris Lanechristopherlanetx@gmail.com
331.1Volunteer Needed
332Volunteer Needed
334Volunteer Needed
336Volunteer Needed
338Volunteer Needed
340Volunteer Needed
341Volunteer Needed
343Volunteer Needed
345Volunteer Needed
347Volunteer Needed
389Joyce Searsjsears2021@yahoo.com
391Volunteer Needed
394Volunteer Needed
398Volunteer Needed
399Volunteer Needed
401Volunteer Needed
439Don Zeekdezeek55@gmail.com
439.1Volunteer Needed
453Volunteer Needed
454Volunteer Needed
455Barbara Vollmerbarbara.j.vollmer@gmail.com
456Kevin Hollandkevlarh88@gmail.com
457Troy LucasPrecinct457@gmail.com
460Volunteer Needed
461David Bucknerdavidbuckner4gop@hotmail.com
462David J. Smithdavestexas@yahoo.com
464Roxann Lewisroxannglewis@cs.com
471Volunteer Needed
482Shannon TrochessetPrecinct482@gmail.com
487Alicia YoungbloodPrecinctr487@gmail.com
488Volunteer Needed
490John BowenJbow34@yahoo.com

Duties of a Precinct Chair

If you do not see your Precinct Chair listed, please contact us here.

Contact us if you would like to be considered as a Precinct Chair for your neighborhood.