Calling all Galveston County Republicans!

The Galveston County Commissioners will be voting this Friday on a redistricting plan for Galveston County.

There are two maps being considered.

Map 2 will add a much needed coastal district and will reflect the changing demographics of Galveston County. Map 2 will also help to keep Galveston County Red!

You can view the maps here: need you to show up Friday and add your voice and encourage our County Commissioners to vote for map 2!

You can also click the link above and add a public comment to encourage our commissioners to vote for map 2!
The meeting details are:
This Friday 11/12/2021
1:30 PM
North County Annex

174 Calder Dr.
League City

Proposed Galveston County Redistricting for 2021 Map 1

Proposed Galveston County Redistricting 2021 Map 2