GCRP County Executive Committee (CEC) December 13th

To the Members of the
Galveston County Republican Party
County Executive Committee (CEC)
Notice is hereby given of a
Regular Meeting Call and Filing Deadline Party

Date: December 13, 2021
Meet and Eat: 5:30 PM
Meeting Start Time: 6:30 PM

Red River BBQ • 1911 E Main St.
League City, TX 77573


  1. Call to Order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledges
  4. Approval of Minutes: November 16, 2021
  5. Invited Guest – District Clerk John Kinard
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Standing Committee Reports
    • Precinct Vacancy Committee – Gabe Allen
    • Education and Outreach – Sandra Tetley
    • GOTV – Gabe Allen
    • Communications – Paula Smith
      • Review of the contract for the new GCRP App by Norman Pappous
    • Fundraising Committee – Gabe Allen
  8. Committee Reports
    • Bylaws Committee: 
      • Proposed Bylaws Changes for discussion:  

New Rule, (Recommended to be Article III, Section 4 with current Section 4 and following moved down):

  • All resignations shall be submitted in writing and delivered in person, by regular US Postal Service mail, or by electronic mail to the County Chairman or the Secretary.

Revision to Article VI, Section 1, and renamed to Article VI, Section 1A:

  • All Standing Committees shall be composed of one (1) member appointed by the County Chairman and approved by the County Executive Committee.  Standing Committees membership shall elect their own Committee Chairs, except Precinct Chair Vacancy and Rules and Resolutions and Bylaws Committees which shall have the Committee Chair appointed by the County Chair from the Committee membership.

New Rule, (Recommended to be Article VI, Section 1B):

  • All standing committees shall be composed of an odd number of members, with a minimum of three and a maximum of five members.

New Rule, (Recommended to be Article VI, Section 6):

  • Standing Committees shall file their minutes within ten (10) days to the Secretary and Communications Chair.  


There needs to be a paper trail of resignations before any vacancy is filled which we tried to address in the first rule.  The second revision continues to give the County Chair the authority to appoint the Chair of the two most important Standing Committees but it then allows the Committee members to elect the chair of the other Standing Committees. The third new rule establishes parameters for the number of Standing Committee members and the fourth rule ensures that Standing Committees record minutes of all meetings.

    1. Candidate Recruitment Committee:  (Norman Pappous, Dave Smith, Linda Burton)
    2. Capital Campaign Committee: (Gabe Allen, Norman Pappous, Don Zeek, Alan Waters, Don Pollock)
    3. Election Integrity Committee: (Sandra Tetley, Kathy Rogers, Don Pollock, Carol Dean, Jane Moran)
    4. Scholarship Committee: (Devon Lovelady, Debbie Branch, Wanda Buttner, Carol Dean, Sandra Tetley) 
  1. New Business 
    • Review of Yates Company Relationship
    • Resolution for Galveston County School Districts to stop funding Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards – Sandra Tetley (276).
  2. Next Meeting – TBD 
  3. Adjournment

Committee Membership: 

    • Bylaws Committee: Alan Waters (232.3) – Norman Pappous, Dave Smith, Roxann Lewis
    • Communication: Paula Smith (159) – Mary Helen Slone, Michael Jenkins
    • Education and Outreach: Sandra Tetley (276) – Robert Buchanan, Carol Dean, Katrina Evenhouse, Alison Putman, Kathy Rogers, Alicia Youngblood
    • Finance: Don Pollock (150) – Alison Putman, Barbara Vollmer, Allen Waters, Don Zeek
    • Get out the Vote: Gabe Allen (152) – Don Pollock, Don Zeek
    • Precinct Chair Vacancies: Gabe Allen (152) – Linda Burton, Terri Wilson
    • Rules Resolution and Bylaws: Alan Waters (232.2) – Norman Pappous, Dave Smith, Gabe Allen
    • Scholarship Committee: Devon Lovelady (315) – Debbie Branch, Wanda Buttner, Carol Dean, Sandra Tetley 
    • Candidate Recruitment Committee:  Dave Smith (462) – Norman Pappous, Roxann Lewis, Linda Burton
    • Capital Campaign Committee: Gabe Allen (152) – Norman Pappous, Don Zeek, Alan Waters, Don Pollock